Rivals, See Cultural’s Class

Jan 22, 2013

Any owner or trainer of a race horse will tell you, if you are in the percentage that can win a maiden, its the next step that is the hardest to achieve.

If you are lucky enough to be in that next percentage that achieves the latter, it can then take an eternity if ever to proceed any further. But when you race with the Marc Quinn racing team be prepared to buckle up and sit back and watch things like this happen all too often as if its part of the culture there.

I say this because they currently have an all conquering strike rate, which I have kept up to date with on recent story's, which now stands at 13 winners from the last 24 starters, along with recent city winner Sadler's Wish winning 5 in a row, Pentasia last 2 city wins in a row and Key Question a last start winner.

But all eyes turned to Taree on Monday the 5th of February when Cultural who had won her Maiden on January the 4th by over 4 lengths,and then backed it up with another shellacking at Port 2 weeks later, winning her class 1 by over 2 lengths.

So as the horses paraded and punters were running their eye over their respective investments, most had heard that the Quinn prepared horse had a right to be favourite, because of the pending 3 in a row, but looking over the fence, some punters were obviously concerned about the stature or lack of it in this gently framed small commodity that they were viewing. Maybe that's why there was a slight drift in the market, as she remained the favoured runner but drifted from $2.40 out to around the 7-2 mark .As the line of 10 runners formed in the SAXBY'S DIET GINGER BEER CLASS 3 HANDICAP(SCALED +0.5KG) 1270m , Jockey Daniel Edmonds knew the other thoroughbreds should not underestimate the bay filly's metal, and as the gates opened Cultural's anticipation of the starters button was only rivalled by Kilawoman, with whom it looked in the early stages was going to spoil the Quinn stable's trip to Taree.

However leading into the turn, and for the most part of the straight, it was apparent the horse that was nearing Cultural was still going to come up short, and the 3yo filly would again be the victor,with half a length back to Why So Serious with a further 3/4 of a length back to Duke of Letchworth.

The win has owners and trainer excited at the prospects of nominations in the Queen Of The North, as well as a race at Canterbury Park and if she holds up, a series of bonus races leading into Scone, but Marc will decide which path he will take as the horse lets him know.

But one thing for sure, she might look like a pony you'd see at the fair, but once you turn the engine on she becomes a serious race horse.

Story by Rod Wheeler
Image Gratefully Supplied By Bradley Photographers